GalaxyOne - A DigiTech Company From Sovico Group

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GalaxyOne - A Digitech Company from Sovico Group

GalaxyOne is a DigiTech startup company from Sovico Group. We help enterprises flourish in the digital age through accelerating transformation, combined with business strategies, practical experience, and innovative technologies.

Our missions:
- Building a digitally connected ecosystem by fully leveraging technology and synergizing diversified entities of Sovico Group (Aviation/ Logistics: Vietjet; Banking Service: HDBank; Insurance: HD Insurance; Real Estate: Phu Long; Financial Service: HD SAISON; Hospitality: Ariyana, Furama Resort;... )

- Driving internal digital capabilities across Sovico group

- Creating innovative products and service

- Developing & leveraging leading technology

Besides, we strive to build an innovative working environment, bringing opportunities for brilliant talents from across the globe.

Join our growing team to create awesome products!

Phone No.: 028 7305 8555 - ext: 104


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