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The pioneer company in designing Business Processing Re-Engineering using AI technology.

Cinnamon is the pioneer in consulting and designing innovative solutions using Deep Learning backed AI products. Cinnamon continues to enhance the core technologies of the AI platforms and build AI products to drive Business Process Re-engineering of large corporations.

By releasing our core products Flax Scanner and Rossa Voice, we’re creating a new generation of business automation which will disrupt multiple industries in the near future.

Cinnamon’s business is rapidly growing after releasing our products on February 2017, we have raised 15 million USD for Series B in January 2019 as well as exposed to global media. Besides, Cinnamon also focuses on building a strong human resource foundation. Until 2019, there are 70 AI talents working in Cinnamon and about 75% of them has graduated Master or PhD at international universities (France, Australia, Swiss, Japan, Korea...).

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  • We are the pioneer in an UNIQUE AI market
  • We are OPEN in sharing your own working styles
  • We have a TOP-TIER team of talented people

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