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Better Systems, Better World.

Raksul aims to change the world by reinventing legacy industry structures with the power of the Internet.

Raksul is a B2B platform builder headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. To change the world by reinventing legacy industry structures with the power of the internet, it is now operating three sharing platforms in printing, advertising and logistics. 

Raksul’s biggest platform, raksul.com, is an online printing e-commerce service released in 2013, and it has over 1 million registered users in Japan. To further accelerate the growth of this service, many projects are in the pipeline, including the launching of brand new printing product categories such as corporate gift, the rebuilding and strengthening of the backend infrastructure, the releasing of new service features such as an online design software and an automated printing data checking system, etc. 

Due to the rapid product expansion, Raksul has just set up a new entity in Vietnam in June 2020, and grown its team of local engineering talents.

  • Programing language: Ruby, Go, PHP
  • Framework: Ruby on Rails, Symfony, OpenAPI, gRPC, etc
  • Version control: Git/GitHub
  • Production environment: AWS (Aurora,EC2, ECS, S3, SQS, Lambda, CodeBuild, CodePipeline etc), GCP (BigQuery, CloudFunctions, etc)
  • CI: CircleCI, Jenkins
  • Communication: Slack, JIRA, Confluence, Notion

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  • District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Hồ Chí Minh

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