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NeolabVietnam is a Foreign Direct Investment Company, which was founded in 2015.
The company operates in the production and development of software, mobile applications (IT).

Current scale in Danang and Ho Chi Minh Branch is over 300 employees.

We use many new technology (VR, media (video) management system, SEM that reflects the true Japanese culture.

NEOLAB VIET NAM has comfortable working environment and dynamic in Office. Office design is diverse colors, layout work site rejuvenation and artistic. Programmers are not binding on the square and boring boxes. Here we created a workspace Freedom, a coffee corner, a small football pitch, seat reading, resting ... special room where you can get very creative workspace for yourself

Short term and long term goals :

- 2016: Building organizations as a foundation for long-term development.

- 2017: Becoming one of Top IT Companies in Da Nang

- 2018: Building new model split (spin out) from the company's projects

- 2019: Having a own tower.

- 2020: Setting IPO as our vision.

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