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As one of Vietnam’s pioneering product companies, NAB Studio is comprised of passionate builders driven by the desire to build impactful technology products on a global scale.

In 10 years, we have managed to build several successful tech products, including Fuzel Collage, KeepShot, Woodpost etc. Our products were featured globally as “Editors’ Choice” and "Best App of The Year” on both the App Store & Play Store, as well as TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, TheNextWeb, TechInAsia, e27 etc.


Why is NAB the home of BUILDERS?
To us, a builder cares about making things that have an impact. They loves solving problems & isn't happy with the way things are.

At NAB Studio, everyone in the team are builders - from the coders, to the designers, or even the business guys. We never do the same thing twice. Everything that we do will be more challenging than the previous one. We learn, we tinker, WE BUILD TOGETHER.

If you are a builder, apply to join our team today.

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