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Miss Moneypenny Technologies

We are a bootstrapped and dedicated start-up company in the field of communication and technology. Our goal is to enrich the world with emotional connection. To achieve our goal, we value a dynamic, sworn-in and enriching work atmosphere as much as spot-on product development. Through years of experience in the automotive, ICT, finance and transportation industry, we are providing our clients with seamless customer journeys and curated content.

You believe in next gen software development through low code applications and are equally happy to code your way through everything we haven't automated yet? Come join us on our exceptional journey.

Skills & Technologies We Use

- We build software solutions around our own machine learning algorithms,- that we tune in Jupyter Notebooks with Python kernels.- They are made for the cloud and composed from docker containers.- Data from PostgreSQL or in-memory Redis databases- is piped to the web using Golang Services- and exposed via ReSTful APIs,- and finally displayed or edited by beautiful Angular/React driven UIs.

Những lý do nên gia nhập với chúng tôi

  • Your personal growth is the center of our value
  • We value skills over experience and diplomas
  • We create an excellent working environment

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