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MIDAS PROTOCOL Joint Stock Company (https://midasprotocol.io) is one of the strategic partners chosen by many investment funds - Coinbar Group, FinForge (Russia), Chainfund (Switzerland).

Main areas: Providing blockchain solutions and services (Midas wallet, Vinex exchange, Mcashchain, Mcashpay payment gateway ...)

Midas has a mission to contribute to the global adoption of blockchain technology by offering the most completed range of blockchain products and services for both corporate clients and global consumers.

To carry out its mission, Midas Protocol constantly seeks and builds an awesome team who share our vision and values ​​to conquer the world.

Những lý do nên gia nhập với chúng tôi

  • Dynamic start-up, world-class products
  • Working directly with top-level managers
  • Continuous learning and self development

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tòa nhà Comatce Tower, 61 Ngụy Như Kon Tum, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội

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