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Mercon is a member of the US National Coffee Association (NCA) and of the US Green Coffee Association (GCA). We offer the highest quality products to the world. We are located in Miami, Barcelona and Ho Chi Minh City, from which we direct our commercial operations to offer our products to the largest roasters in the world. We have export companies in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Vietnam and Brazil, where we process and sell Robusta and Arabica coffee. 

Mercon Vietnam was founded in 1998 as a representative office operating from Ho Chi Minh City. The office is primarily focused on the trading of Asian coffees with substantial contacts and knowledge throughout the region.

Mercafe, member of the Mercon Group, is our export operations and green coffee processing in Southern Vietnam. We are located in the provinces of Dong Nai and Lam Dong. 

Our main focus at Mercafe is to provide first-class Robusta and Arabica coffee while incorporating sustainable production practices. 

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