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We are expanding our business! You grow into a personnel who is active globally in the IT industry.

We are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and were founded in 2006.
We established our Da Nang office in 2020 and our Ho Chi Minh office this year.

We are developing various services and systems in Vietnam for Japanese clients.

Now, we are in the second stage of our business development, and we are transforming ourselves into a new company based on our corporate philosophy of "solving social and corporate issues through business.
We believe that the changes in people's lives centered on Internet technology will bring more changes than ever before. We will seize these changes as opportunities and strive to be a company that grows with the times. We will continue to take on the challenge of developing various services and businesses with an awareness of the ever-changing market and the future that lies one step ahead.

Challenge every day! We will grow step by step, and together with the company to a higher stage!

We have created an environment where you can realize the fulfillment of your work and private life.
And we have a corporate culture that encourages you to develop your individuality.

Our Key Skills

Những lý do nên gia nhập với chúng tôi

  • Can work in friendly competition with colleague.
  • Appreciate positive actions for the company.
  • Can come up with ideas for the company's growth.

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