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.We research and develop deep learning related technologies for AI - Robot - Vision

.Korea Platform Service Technology is a venture company specializing in embedded software, image processing and deep learning technology, and is engaged continuously in technology development and R & D research and development with Deadeok Innopolis and research institutes in Korea. The main technologies are artificial intelligence (machine learning), embedded emulators, authoring tools, modelers, platform middle-ware technology, image processing and retrieval technology.

Currently, we are embracing various machine learning frameworks. By providing a common standard interface for heterogeneous learning modules, we are expanding each deep learning technology module using open-source IDE environment to find new solutions and service business models.

Starting from the machine learning tool platform business, we are studying technologies that lets user-input applied directly to the device without going through the server, allows on-device (mobile) detection, classification. We also planning for developing new technologies such as recognition technology necessary for object location tracing, AI Robot-Vision.

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  • Opportunities to work oversea
  • Competitive salary package
  • Comfortable working environment

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