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Global award-winning agritech SaaS company

Based in New Zealand and expanded into the US, Hectre is a SaaS company that helps fruit growers and packers produce and market more quality fruit, with less environmental impact.

Formed in 2016, we are now a world leading fruit tech company and our products are being used in 11 countries.

Our mission is to empower fruit growers and packers with the world's simplest orchard technologies and we were recently named winners in the 2021 AgTech Breakthrough Awards. We have 02 core products:

(1) An orchard management software platform that helps growers digitize their orchards, moving paper-based data collection to the cloud, bringing together all orchard management activities into one place

(2) An AI-powered QC and fruit sizing solution that provides valuable early fruit sizing insights for packhouses, reducing costs and waste, while increasing revenues

We are known for our clever technologies, our fast-paced innovation cycle, and our talented team.

After recently raising $3.5mil, we are expanding further, have an ambitious development plan and we're looking for talent to join us as we turn that plan into reality.

If you like what you hear and want to learn more, head to www.hectre.com!

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