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HAN Tech & Consult support corporations to bring advantage in sales and to pioneer launching products in Vietnamese market with consistent one to one supports and analyzing market condition thoroughly such as local customers, local products, local competitor and etc.
We also consult several problems such as creating advertising video and a website that fits the situation in the overseas market and developing brand that fits in oversea market as which many corporations point out the biggest problem for entering oversea market.
HAN Tech & Consult already have many succesful examples to leads problem to solution about entering into Vietnam. We showed our best effort and support and we will do it continuously.
If you are looking for consulting and operating organization, Now it's HAN Tech & Consult Co., LTD.

Những lý do nên gia nhập với chúng tôi

  • Familiar environment
  • 13th monthly salary and other bonuses according to
  • Summer Vacation with company

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