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FINSOFTS provides a complete set of custom software designed to meet banking particular needs. Increase productivity with personalized, flexible and high quality banking and finance software.

FINSOFTS delivers various banking software solutions, manages their successful implementation, integration, testing and deployment as well as ensures their solid support:

  • Digital transformation consulting
  • IT based customer experience consulting
  • Solution implementation
  • Solution maintenance and support

FINSOFTS provides AI solutions to let YOUR company an innovative edge in the digital age, we provide you with expertise that can help your company grow:

  • Face Recognition Solution For Banks:
    • Fraud Prevent
    • ATM
    • Customer Services
    • Digital Banking
  • VIETVISION.AI Platform
    • is AI platform for Machine Learning which was originally developed by FINSOFTS. It has a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of tools that lets YOUR company transforms business quickly.

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