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Ewoosoft is a company based in South Korea which specializes in the healthcare industry.
We are a part of Vatech Networks, a group of companies that manufactures medical devices.
More than 25,000 dentists from all over the world use our software and equipment to diagnose and treat patients.

In over 93 countries, we provide dental software and solution including 2D, 3D imaging, and cephalometric software. Our software solutions are world-renowned for stability and usability and used on site. We also provide new and improved experiences in digital dental activities. Ground-breaking 2D/3D consultation, accurate diagnosis tools, and effective management of patient data are only a few features which can be found in our comprehensive software solutions.

Our goal is simple: We want to offer our customers the easiest and most convenient experience in the dental software industry. Through innovation, we will continue to improve dental software solutions across the globe.

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