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Doctor Anywhere: Leading Health-tech Startup from Singapore!

Doctor Anywhere (DA) is a regional tech-enabled, omnichannel healthcare provider delivering care to 2.5 million users across 6 countries in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2017 with a mission to make healthcare simple, accessible, and efficient for all, DA leverages technology to enable individuals towards preventive, long-term health via holistic offerings including our telehealth app, physical clinics and pharmacies, mental wellness, specialist consults, and also an online health & wellness marketplace for supplements, healthy snacks, home-based health screening and vaccinations.

DA’s goal is to build a regional digital healthcare ecosystem, advanced by the 3,000 GPs and specialists within our regional network, over 1,000 corporate organisations, and 25 regional insurers we work with. Grounded in our motto “Keep Going, Keep Growing”, our team strives towards excellence, with innovation and collaboration at our core, and values diversity in perspectives brought by every member. Join us in our mission to transform Southeast Asia’s healthcare future!

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