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Our mission is to inspire people to dream and create through music. We aim to create a playground which gives the best experience for Vietnamese EDM listeners to enjoy music and an opportunity for Vietnamese EDM artists to make a living from their art. 

Why joining DiiJAM

Overpromising is not our thing but we can assure you the below:

  • Cool, very cool teammates
  • A challenge and an opportunity at the same time to build something from scratch, a product that creates values for the music community
  • A playground for a lot of ideas to be freely developed technically
  • Very dynamic working environment (we mean it). We normally chill but can heat it up when the team is fueled with new ideas to discuss!
  • You decide if the compensation is competitive ;)
  • Our office is based in Hanoi, but you can work remotely too.

We provide our employees a flexible and creative working environtment where they can be at their best self without unnecessary boundaries and rules, where they can live their dream and make a living doing what they love and are good at.

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