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BitCherry is the world's first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology, it has three characteristics: data security, efficient performance, and consensus governance. Building a ‘P2Plus’ Encryption Protocol with a new thinking of innovative physical layer, BitCherry is a general blockchain infrastructure that meets the demand of commerce. BitCherry provides the operational mechanism such as smart contract & cross-chain consensus to achieve highly scalable data architecture by hash map which is improved by the relationship atlas. This blockchain infrastructure greatly reduces development costs, provides a high-performance, high-secure, and high-available underlying public chain support for distributed commerce on the chain.

BitCherry services involve supply chain finance, asset digitalization, commercial consumption, e-commerce, distributed cloud computing, and many other fields. In the Future, BitCherry will continue to use the underlying technology advantages, improve cross-industry blockchain solutions and create a new form of joint development of the industry.

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