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ASI ambitions:

  • ASI is a company based in HCMC. ASI works with customers from the Nordic region in Europe as we want to provide top-rated programming service to a sector that has quality and safety as driving factors.
  • The company is aiming for quality based growth, adding customers from only the aviation sector. ASI develops a top-rated programming service, supporting the aviation stakeholders to fulfill their safety objectives and helping their operations to be as clean and effective as possible.
  • ASI’s first customer are Opscom Systems as  www.opscomsystems.com, a game changing company in Norway. Opscom has provided the aviation sector (mainly airports) with safety and quality related software for more than 10 years. The company has won several international prices and has today more then 100 clients in this sector.   The company also deliver similar solutions to Military and Police Aviation in several European countries.
  • Beside aviation safety and operational, we also work with European customers from military, police, and government and doing collaborative research with universities in Europe.
  • Check out our Medium: https://medium.com/aviation-software-innovation

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