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 We are an IT consulting company specializing in Salesforce consulting. The company will be a startup company in Vietnam supporting our Mother company [1-50] employee from Singapore with work in South east Asia, Europe and North America.

At Aodigy, we are highly-experienced, dynamic and agile, enabling us to deliver quick turnkey modern customer engagement solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Skill We Use

  • Front-end mark-up language: HTML5, CSS
  • Front-end programing language (preferred experience with Salesforce framework OR any other framework): Visual force Page, Aura Component, LWC, NodeJS
  • Back-end programing language (preferred experience with APEX): APEX, Java, Python 
  • Basic database manipulative language: SQL

Những lý do nên gia nhập với chúng tôi

  • Flexible working hours
  • Global Experience
  • Fun Co-Workers

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