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3P Learning, the global leader in online education for school-aged students, is partnering with PYCOGroup to launch their first Technology Development Center in Ho Chi Minh City.

All of our e-learning programs are designed by educators and educational technologists and are fully aligned with over a dozen international curricula – just one reason why they are trusted by over 5 million students and 20,000+ schools across the world.

In the spirit of “Love Learning”, 3P Learning hosts a variety of online educational events throughout the year, with the flagship event being the annual World Education Games.

  • This annual global celebration of learning stems 96hrs and encompasses World Literacy Day, World Maths Day, and World Science Day.
  • Over 5 million students have participated in the World Education Games to date, answering well in excess of 1.5bn questions.
  • Partnering with UNICEF allows us to engage students on a holistic level, adding value to the education process during the event.

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