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Ox Street is a next-gen online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of limited edition sneakers and curated streetwear collections. We combine new and used/vintage supply sources to create the personalized fashion trading platform of the future. From Yeezy and Off-White, to Supreme and Louis Vuitton. We are based in Singapore and connect buyers and sellers across the region.

To counter the growing problem with counterfeit luxury goods being sold as real, we verify the authenticity of every item sold through our platform.

We believe South East Asia is the next frontier for street culture. Influences from local cultures, East Asia and the West are blending together to create a unique and highly innovative street culture movement. Ox Street is here, as the core connector and facilitator of this movement.

Our core values are authenticity, ownership and enthusiasm. If you can bring a genuine enthusiasm for our cause, coupled with a high sense of ownership over the outcomes of your actions, you'll fit right in. Do you want to join us on this journey? Get in touch

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