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Levitate is a real-estate development platform that aims to offer consumers more creative input when it comes to purchasing their own home. Most developers fit-out houses and apartments in a way that is easy on the eye and, ultimately, says nothing about the people who will eventually live there. Sure, they might make their show homes overly glamorous to attract high-end buyers, but which family with a three-year-old and a puppy wants polished chrome doors and a white leather couch? 

“For you, by you” is our motto. 

Before our projects are even constructed, prospective buyers can be choosing, changing, and re-arranging everything from the color and style of the sofa to the tiles on the floor and the floor plan itself, and all according to, their tastes, needs, budget and lifestyle. Nowhere is this concept better demonstrated than in our personalized online 3D design experience. Through this, we remove the hassle, the headaches, and the inflated costs of using an interior designer. Instead, through a simple, logical, and entertaining portal, we give everyone, young and old, the tools to become an interior designer themselves. 

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